The Foundation for Civic Leadership is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the next generation of global citizens. We work with partners to identify gaps in the field, incubate new scalable projects to help fill them, and support those projects in becoming independent and sustainable. 



When FCL incubates a project, we usually support it through three stages of development over the course of three to five years.


Internal Program

In this stage, FCL staff and consultants explore compelling ideas that fill gaps in the field to see if they're feasible and sketch out what it would take to implement them at scale.


Contracted Project

After an idea has been initially sketched out, FCL continues to add detail and vision with a partner organization that has capacity and an aligned mission. If the organization decides to fully adopt the program, FCL provides funding and creative input for initial staffing and early program implementation.


Graduated Program


Once a partner has taken ownership of a program FCL takes a step back from the day-to-day operations and continues to support the program with funding, in-kind staff support, and occasional participation in strategic visioning. As the program matures and starts to get to scale, FCL's focus turns to supporting efforts to build the fundraising and earned revenue pipelines that will make the program sustainable over time.