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Campus Democracy Fund (CDF) maintains a central goal of furthering learning for democracy and a primary strategy of improving students’ knowledge about voting by increasing college students’ electoral participation.  Founded by the Foundation for Civic Leadership and other funders in 2020, CDF accelerates research, innovation, and evidence-based strategies that create a sustainable impact in the student voting field.

Team: Simon Thompson


Campus Democracy Fund approaches resourcing the field through specific lenses by:

  • Providing resources at the intersection of where student voting rights are threatened and where student voices are most impactful.

  • Investing in 501(c)(3) nonprofits to equip universities to improve evidence-based practices for student voter registration.

  • Employing a racial justice lens to help ensure more campuses with high numbers of students from communities of color have appropriate support to participate in political processes.

  • Conducting independent evaluations of campus voting programs to embody a spirit of continuous improvement and rigor.

Institutional Partnerships

Institutional partnerships have included:

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