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Students Learn Students Vote Coalition



The SLSV coalition facilitates national collaboration between groups working with college and university administrators to create voter-friendly campus climates and cultures. The coalition has organized itself into three subcommittees that are coordinating campus recruitment for the SLSV Checklist, engaging in advocacy efforts related to the Higher Education Act regulations that require colleges to provide voter registration materials, and putting together a speakers bureau to coordinate more high quality voter engagement trainings and programming at key higher education conferences. This work is laying a foundation for scaled collaboration across the field of student voter engagement.


Clarissa Unger 

FCL lead: Simon Thompson


FCL explored this idea in 2015 when coordination of advocacy efforts emerged as a field wide need during the research for the ALL IN Challenge. We saw that several state level groups like the Oregon Student Association have had a lot success on student vote issues by including them as a plank within a broader higher education advocacy agenda. Young Invincibles, one of the most robust national advocacy groups on higher education issues, emerged as a natural partner and has taken the lead on the project since August 2015. 

Institutional Partnerships

Institutional partnerships have included:

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